5 Healthiest Red Wine of Spain to Try and Keep On Hand

healthiest red wine

Spain is one of the many countries in the world that produces the best healthiest red wine labels. 

Spanish wines existed many years ago, and every vineyard has made top-tiered wine brands which remained popular nowadays. They also specialize in making healthiest red wine labels, which creates high demand in the winery market.

Most of the Spanish vineyards are located around the Iberian Peninsula. The total land area of their vineyards measures around 1.7 million hectares making the country the most planted wine region in the world. The abundance of grape varietals in Spain vineyards has made the area more prominent when it comes to winemaking.

One of the regions in Spain that are known to produce a wide variety of exquisite wines is Duero. Its complete name is Ribera del Duero which is situated in Spain’s Northern Plateau. It is also designated as one of Spain’s premier wine-producing wines in the community of Castile and Leon. Wines produced in these communities are red wines, and most of them are vintage and expensive.

Spain red wines are known as one of the healthiest wines you can taste in the market right now. Duero has produced vintage wines for centuries, and wine lovers would give so much attention to the wine labels they can provide. Here are some of Spanish duero fine wines you can grab which will surely give you ultimate health benefits like no other.

2014 Vega Sicilia Valbuena

It’s one of the proprietary blends which is made in Duero, Spain. It represents the  2014 vintage wine label which showcases what Valbuena can exquisitely produce. The texture of this wine comes very elegant and does not offer great taste. It exudes a high-quality feeling that you can’t find in any other type of wines.

The 2014 Vega Sicilia Valbuena is crafted using different combinations of several ingredients like wild berries and floral notes. It also includes a smoky touch along with numerous spices and herbs which adds excitement to the flavor of the wine. It gives an intense character in your palate, which stings like the sweetest honey you can taste.

2012 Milenico Ribero del Deuro Valdepila 

It is a Tempranillo wine varietal that brings a lot of health benefits when you opt to drink a glass or two. The wine as established in 1990 where the vineyards of Valdepila has continued to plant and craft grape varietals used to produce this wine. It is where this wine was also known as one of the refined labels provided in Spain.

The 2012 Milenico Ribero del Duero Valdepila is an intense type of wine produced from the elements of herb notes, cherries, and spice. The taste of this wine stays longer in your palate, showing a pure decadence and wine style.

2014 Dominio del Aguila Blanco 

It’s considered as one of the most spectacular wines that Spain has produced. It is a white wine varietal that can bring so many advantages to your health. It is a type of wine that carries a character of an individual ancient grape varietal which helps you achieve that younger-looking skin. Most ingredients used to craft this wine is organic, and you can ensure a perfect way of getting the right nutrients.

The 2014 Dominio del Aguila Blanco comes to light and fresh inside your palate. The balanced taste it gives to your taste buds is undoubtedly overwhelming. You can assure that this wine is one of the best white wine varietals that Spain has ever crafted. Make sure that you grab a bottle of this to achieve a fairer skin at the same time getting the best of what white can offer.

2016 Antídoto Cepas  Viejas Ribera del Duero

It’s one of the top-tiered red wine labels that Duero Spain vineyard has successfully produced. The  2016 Antídoto Cepas  Viejas Ribera del Duero is a 2016 vintage wine that undergoes extended time to exude real taste and aroma. It is why this wine is deemed to be the healthiest Spanish red wine you must taste. The tannin and resveratrol content of this label is intense, which can reduce the risk of several deadly diseases such as hypertension.

The  2016 Antídoto Cepas  Viejas Ribera del Duero tastes fresh, a little spicy, lively, and balanced. It consists of excellent tannins, which are perfect on the nose. The taste of this wine lasts for minutes, and you can genuinely savor its taste.

2016 Pingus

It’s a Spanish red wine produced in the areas of  Duero which belongs to the family of Tempranillo wines. The taste of this wine is subtle yet as it reaches your palate, you can sense a pure elegance and freshness that no other red wines can offer. The health benefits you can get out from this wine seems the same as what’s mentioned with the other wines.

It also comes in full-bodied with intense and robust tannin content. It is one of the Spanish wines you must taste right now. 

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